"CESSPOOL"is a board game which HOX is making.
In this game you become a boss of a drug dealers group, to dominate the city you may fight, make an alliance, and sometimes betray other players.
In simple words, it is a crime manage simulation game.
By utilize the citizens, institution of the city, players dodge the police's eyes and take other player's territory and increase the property.
Hox wants to provide a thrilling experience like in a crime movies on your table, unlike movies, every time you play this game, a different drama will show up!
Of course, we aren't in favor of selling drugs, but we are in favor of use imagination, we would be glad if the players enjoy our drama of CESSPOOL.

【game status 】For 2-5 players / Time 120 min
【current status of progress 】about 70 %. start cloud funding on INDEIGOGO in November, planning to release in this winter (2017).

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